LGBTQ focus and the lack of concern for ordinary people from the Biden Administration has the the Democrat party in a scramble to encourage the black community not to crossover to the republican party. Several weeks ago, BKP reported about the Georgia Democrat Secretary of State debate, there was a significant amount of time spent “begging” the democrat voters to come back “home.” Case in point, we have seen this past week, the voters in South Texas have elected their first republican in 150 years in this deep blue region. Hispanics and young adults are leaving with all the focus on the LGBTQ community.

All the buzz that the new gun framework was in agreement, the “boyfriend” loophole will cause complications for the bill. Many see the issue with the LGBTQ population and description of a “boyfriend.” The “boyfriend” definition will be tricky as they consider the LGBTQ population. If passed, this piece of legislation will send money to the states to pass a Red Flag law will encourage your state to jump on the bandwagon. Federal strings attached in the form of money to accept the Red Flag law in your state.

Agriculture department chooses a woke LGBTQ agenda over food security for families. Biden’s executive order this week focuses on a  transgender blackmail threatens low-income American’s as the USDA pushed transgender policies in schools to get funding for free and reduced lunches. Lori’s reporting earlier in the week breaks down if the schools were not to opt into the transgender policies how it will affect 17 million children across the nation. Federal strings attached in the form of money to accept transgender policies and gender neutral restrooms in your schools.