January 6 special committee hearings continue today. As American’s struggle with high gas prices and Biden is considering a gas tax holiday and gas rebate cards, only to continue the inflation. Seems a little counterproductive. But get a little laugh with the release of the campaign ad for Greitens as he goes RINO hunting.

  • The January 6 witness list today at noon, will include 3 witnesses from GA and 1 from Arizona. Brad Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling, and  Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and Rusty Bowers all take the stand as Adam Schiff questions them and the snipets of video and audio to continue the narrative of the “insurrection”. BKP will watch and report back.
  • As BKP had predicted to a viewer on June 16th, there will be a fall guy for January 6, it will be Eastman the lawyer that devised the plan according to the Trump team.  This is being reported by Rolling Stone magazine. 
  • Roe v Wade could be overturned as soon as today. Stay alert for updates.
  • Biden is considering a gas tax holiday and gas rebate card. This may help the “poor” Americans get through the forced transition. It is only a gimmick to make you think the administration actually cares. 
  • Greitens goes RINO hunting in his new campaign advertisement. The MO Senate candidate has the left in a spin over his new ad as it is banned on social media as being too violent. “No limit on bagging and tagging until we save our country,” says Greitens. BKP is not advocating for the ad but loves it when the heads spin in mainstream medi and they are upset. The guns that Greitens holds bother them but the Uvalde doesn’t bother them when the school shooting could have been prevented 19minutes after the gunman entered the school. RINOs are trying to craft legislation to take your guns away that would not have saved these kids lives, it was the law enforcement that wouldn’t go in.