Vote matters in ensuring we take back our country in November. Unfortunately we have had the numbers against us and the information against us in GA. Despite what happens in GA the US is set for a MAGA tsunami as we watch the last two Trump endorsed candidates in GA face their runoff elections tonight.

  • A lot of things happen after the 2020 election that suppressed the vote. Lin Wood did everything he could to suppress the vote. John Freddricks didn’t do anything to increase the republican base. BKP has done everything he can to increase voter turn out and not suppress the vote. 
  • We may watch two more Trump endorsed candidates in GA be eliminated tonight. With a full slate of Trump endorsed candidates in GA from Governor to Insurance Commissioner all of two have lost, not counting the two facing runoffs today. All things have run through GA. The Trump world has been spinning over GA for quite some time. Vernon Jones in the 10th and Jake Evans in the 6th, both Trump endorsed. In a runoff election it is really important to have enough money to remind your voters to come back out and vote and remind them to do so. Many run-off candidates lose because they don’t have the money to send out mailers to have people come out and vote for them. 
  • BKP has reported the many accomplishments of Trump and has supported him through his campaign, his administration, the plots to impeach him and the plot to steal an election. Trump has done a horrific job in supporting candidates in GA. Shame on Trump to give the endorsement and not back the candidate with the money to get them over the threshold. 
  • America is poised for a MAGA tsunami, not just a red wave.