China launches it’s first supercarrier yesterday, as threats heighten in the Asian Pacific. China’s reaches are cause for concern for many. While Biden frequently talks to Zelenski on a weekly basis and says his July planned trip to Europe he will not being going to Ukraine.

  • If it were not for a judge against the CDC you will still be wearing a mask on the airlines. The Biden administration sued to get the authority back to the CDC. In order for the CDC to make a decision on the health of the nation, they needed that power back. As the airlines are desperate for people to come back as there are 6000 flights that were delayed over the weekend. Airports are a total disaster. The airline laid off and gave early retirement to many of the workers during the pandemic. Why would the employees return after the not so friendly skies during the pandemic. 
  • In the Asian Pacific, there is the Hawaiian islands, Philippines, the islands of Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, man made islands in the South China sea, some of which have asked for the financial assistance of China. Remembering that China launched their first aircraft carrier during the Obama Administration. On June 20th,  China launches the new aircraft carrier that will hold up to 50-70 planes, it’s a super carrier. BKP plays the video from China showing the massive ship in celebration of its launch. 
  • Biden talks to Zelenski at least 3 times a week. Pay attention folks. As money is being poured into Ukraine from US tax dollars.
  • Last month Russia arrested the Basketball star Brittany Griner. She was detained in Russia with a vape that had an illegal drug and was arrested for breaking Russia’s laws according to Russian Lawyer in video clip. The US government is approaching this as a hostage situation. A Russian lawyer firmly says she violated Russian laws. 
  • Jan 6 hearings continue today at noon. BKP will have updates tomorrow.