Inflation is making the ordinary American people to accept the forced transition the administration is cramming us through.

  • If a politician takes your money through taxes and using the money to get himself reelected, they should not be elected. This is the American Rescue Plan. It is tax dollars that have been allocated to states and local governments for them to spend, while it has increased needless spending and caused the country to go into a inflation spin that they are all denying. 
  • Brian Kemp is still sitting on 2 Billion.
  • And Biden, Obama, Rice, Jarrett, they want you to believe that the American rescue plan did not increase inflation. Rinos help them pass it. Governors took the money to get reelected all the time knowing that it would increase inflation. We are tired of them taking our money and not caring about what it is doing to the ordinary people. 
  • Juneteen didn’t get acknowledged by BKP Politics. We recognize july 4. We can all be recognized for all Americans on the same day. It was passed in GA as a federal holiday. Statistics show that a federal holiday costs 818 million dollars within the executive agencies not including the military and USPS. 
  • Larry Summers called the inflation a year ago. Yellen knew it. They all knew it. It is forcing you to live through this transition.
  • Yet the Biden Administration is going to write a letter to the oil company while on the other hand doing everything they can to shut it down and go electric. And going to Saudi Arabia to ask for oil. 
  • They are using gimmicks to make you think they are behind you all the way. While they force you into the Forced Transition
  • Vaccine Rollout for children as young as 6 months old. Remember Dr. Tidman on Friday’s episode of Ask the Doc said he is treating more patients with vaccine injury than with COVID injury.  
  • They want lawmakers to blindly get on board with the gun legislation that does not exist with only the bipartisan framework saying that it will not take away your second amendment.