Criminals are encouraged as crime in on the increase across the nation is the second segment of Lori’s show today.

  • Increase in homicides across the nation. Are we waiting from White House on ideas or plans on what to do about the crime increase? As far left District Attorneys are left to allow the crime spree to spread. 
  • Governors are looking at getting more rights with the abortion rights and gun rights as SCOTUS makes decisions in the next few days.
  • The protesters have been acting badly and not being arrested, what does that signal to the rest of the land and the select committee is sitting there saying they will not allow people to disrupt proceedings and harass people. The Far left DAs are determining what is safe for the American people. As they let criminals out to be among the general population, could it be because the criminals are being free to wreak havoc and commit any crime as they please. 
  • Now we are having to worry about the safety of our families. DeSantis states that we have a sanctuary federal government. And he has been very vocal about the illegal immigrants as the federal government is ignoring the right thing to do. 
  • So instead of not saying Defund the Police they just choose to allow criminals to do what they want and look the other way. Especially with the economy, border security, and what happens abroad. When they do make an action it only harms more American people Trump has predicted as if he had a crystal ball. Trump knew what was going to happen because he was in the inner circle. He knew the radical agenda, while we were too busy to make ends meet to know what they were doing. 
  • It is not in America’s DNA to conform and comply. 
  • We can not allow fear to control such a level to allow the federal government to have the control they had during the COVID outbreak again. It will be to our detriment.