Plan of the Biden Administration is to continue to harm the American people.

  • Double digit on many of the foods we eat. But what hasn’t gone up significantly is beer and wine. Low single digits increases. What is the plan behind that… It seems like how you would want to take control of a nation. Why isn’t there more money and bodies allocated along the border to keep fentanyl off the streets? Our federal government doesn’t care. 77% of adolescent deaths between 14-18 can be traced back to fentanyl. 
  • In New Mexico, border crossers get a phone, money, and a voter registration card. What is the plan behind that… The groups that want to work on election integrity. Then work on all the illegals that are signing up to vote in our country. Go and work the polls instead of protesting outside the election boards of all these small counties. Then look at all the sanctuary cities. 
  • All republicans have to do is not screw it up. There are people that are suffering and sacrificing. We want the economy like we had it before the pandemic. We want to feel safe in our streets. Fix it. Democrats and independents will cross to republicans if we have the leaders that will fix it. 
  • Is this the leadership this country deserves. It is all we can do to get him and his policies away from that office. 

Bkp and Lori

  • Pickens Co sends out letter from the commissioners “understanding your tax anticipation notice” this is happening everywhere. The tax assessments went out this week and it is blowing up the telephones. All of rural GA, especially in north GA it is a 200k home and the government thinks it is 450K and they use the rollback rate as all they can do. But the rollback rate with the new assessment still increases taxes. Candidates are discussing how to keep the counties rural and keep the cities out of them. If we wanted the city, amenities, and crime we would move to the city. 
  • The more information that comes out of Uvalde. Police actually had an opportunity to go into the school with the active shooter to save all the lives of the kids. Looks like this could have been a preventable situation. And lawmakers are about to put together legislation without have the language of the bill to test and research to see if it would actually work. What is the plan behind that…