Democrat Game and Truth about GA politics, where do republican’s stand going into November 2022?

It is now illegal to hand out water to voters, how many zero. As Bee Nguyen, the democrat nominee for Secretary of State, reports that she is unable to share water in the long voter lines. 

  • BKP took a poll on Facebook, are democrats set to take over ga in November? Trump may be through in GA. There are more people that call saying they will not vote for Trump in GA. 
    • They are trying to cut prices for seniors
    • The gas tax holiday
  • All the matchups for state offices have a libertarian on the ticket from Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General. Will this hurt the republican ticket because of the never-Kempers that will never vote for Kemp and hand the ticket over to Abrams. 
  • BKP can’t remember when in GA there has ever been a libertarian factor. 
  • If you enjoy living in Joe Biden’s America you will really enjoy living in Stacey Abrams GA with Charlie Bailey as Lt Governor. 
  • Stacey Abrams has a game they are playing. She needs an Attorney General for her plan. She will take over every board and anything she decides to do that may be illegal or violates the GA constitution, she will need an attorney general to help her. Chris Carr is a very vulnerable politician in the republican party. Jen Jordan is strong! John Gordan, who was defeated by Carr in the primary, his campaign he ran on was the first thing he was going to do was run an investigation into the election and prosecute. What if people decide not to go for Chris Carr and go for the libertarian ticket and then you get Jen Jordan. 
  • Republicans, you will not survive a democrat administration in GA. It will be 12-20 years before republicans can recover, if they can. 
  • How big is the number of republicans that will vote for a straight libertarian ticket. Stacey Abrams lost by only 50K votes last time. 2018 should have been a massive win for Kemp, Trump was in office. 
  • People are saying that Abrams is running during a time when democrats are hurting but how many people will vote libertarian and take the votes from Kemp. If you’re in, I won’t vote for Kemp or I’m not going to vote camp you could be hurting more than you think. 
  • If Stacey Abrams wins, the hopes for a republican holding a statewide office will be 12-20 years. No telling how far it sets back the republicans in GA or the efforts you want to make to end the corruption. BKP has been saying for weeks “Maybe you can live through a Brian Kemp administration. But a Stacey Abrams administration changes your total life maybe forever.”