If a gun was a true issue, we would all be protecting our children if the second amendment was putting them in harms way. We would be first to be supporting gun legislation. The school shooter  in Uvalde was showing signs of issues. It was reported that he was acting like he was a shooter, walking around with a trench coat, carrying bags of dead cats on a number of occasions, scaring the teachers to the point that they worried about him, with no reports of the unusual activity. We have to pay attention. It was notoriety that he sought after, he wanted to be remembered for something, even if it was good or bad. It was preventable, and other decisions could have been made that could have saved some of the children’s lives or all of their lives. It is easier to blame a gun than to look at the human failures. 

In rural America, the issues with housing shortages and tax assessments that are coming out are alarming. Atlanta is one of the nation’s overpriced housing markets. It will take a while for the prices to come down. People are looking to move to rural America and leave urban areas. Investors are coming and buying the market and sucking the life out of the affordable homes. 

    • Last year 18% of the homes were under 250K 
    • 62% between 250-500K. It will take a while to get back and get back to affordable housing. Mortgage rates and inflation are limiting the options
    • 2015-2019  6% increase in average sales price
    • 2020 jump 17%
    • 2021 jumped 23% for the north ga area
    • If you’re not growing in a county because they are coming here in droves.

Is the reason people are leaving the cities because of the school systems? Perhaps it is time to abolish the school systems because they are a wreck. 8th grade test questions in the 1800s do not compare to the questions today because what is being taught is pronouns and acceptance. In pre-k and kindergarten the social skills should be how to behave in the lunchroom, how to wait in line, and say yes ma’am, no sir.  

BKP and Lori democrat policies are a disaster, but BKP talks about the force transition the policies are putting the American’s thru. But the 14 republicans that have pushed with the democrats for the bipartisan safer communities act should be remembered in November. As of Sunday no legislation of the gun law, only framework, bullet points. Yesterday all they did was a summary framework that senators were looking at, not the bill. The bill language was crafted in the middle of the night. The Bipartisan today is not what it has been in the past. What’s behind the name… Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, not cities. The legislation was crafted and completed yesterday, it is not possible to read it and know what was in it. The 14 republicans helped send it to the floor for vote under cloture without a debate. Warning, be careful what they are calling closing the boyfriend loophole. The bill will open the juvenile records. 

They are increasing budgets in schools to hire behavioral coaches and psychologists not teachers to teach math, language, science. Homework: look up the statistics. The hiring list is enormous, who will be producing these juvenile records that will be opened by this bill. 

Once given the rights away, the government will not give it back. 

The big lie, anytime we want to discuss the schools, the GOP don’t like the teachers, principals, and school safety. We are not against teachers, go look at what has happened in schools, the mini college campuses. Look at what money is spent before getting to the first teacher’s classroom.