November in our sights as the primary election closes and we switch gears and come together to back our Republican ticket and the new candidates and ideas as we hope to take back congress.

  • Not many voters showed up for the runoff election. Time to get ready for November. It will take the majority to not be silent to have the red tsunami in November. 
  • The excitement in AL with the win for Katie Britt, Trump endorsed for Senate, the former chief of staff for Richard Shelby. Mo Brooks was the Trump endorsed candidate until he said we have to look past the 2020 election. Trump gave Mo the boot and endorsed Katie. 
  • Yesli Vega in VA won her primary election for Congress. Virginians continues to change the shape of what is happening in their state. The border security is personal for Vega, she is from El Salvador and her brother was hunted down and nearly killed  at a young age by the MS13 gang.  
  • Truckers are reporting that there are areas that cannot keep enough fuel and DEF the additive to the gas to operate the trucks. There is video of trucks waiting at stops and on the side of the road waiting on the gas to reach the stations. Do your own research to be educated and informed to make the right decisions for your family as shortages rise from coast to coast. All you get from the White House is political spin. 
  • The price drop of getting your picture with the Vice President from 15K to 5K. No one is taking the bait. Harris has taken an opportunity to show leadership and she has only squandered it. The left justifies Harris as she has lower poll numbers than Congress and Biden. The left is saying the GOP is aggressively trying to paint the country in trouble. The claim is that there is not a crisis at the border, and the GOP has a faux outrage making something out of nothing. Between the President’s horrible gaffes and proven lies and has the Vice President that has this clueless look on her face. We have two leaders that are clueless on what the American people are going through. 
  • Republicans don’t be a RINO and sign on to the policies in place that this administration is pushing. Just because you think it makes you feel better. There are already policies and procedures in place, we just have to follow them. New laws are not needed but being vigilant when we can and where we can to follow the protocols that are already in place is what is needed. 
  • WE are not wanting to endure a democrat controlled life because it is heading for socialism