The reality of politics in GA is simple. You have to stay with the reality to be able to fix it.

If you’re depressed and live in GA, stay with the reality because we can fix this. 

    • Biden is president
    • Kemp is the republican candidate in November for Governor
    • Six Trump endorsed candidates lost
    • Brad Raffensperger is the republican candidate in November for Secretary of State

Never thought Biden would have stood a chance of getting elected against Trump. Never thought Brian Kemp would have been the nominee in GA after November 4, 2020. And, that 6 trump endorsed candidates would lose in GA. And, finally never believed that Brad Raffensperger would be the GOP nominee for Secretary of State. 

Yes, Things are bad. Things are going wrong. And democrats do have a chance in November. Could they get worse?

For those of you who say nothing new happened and there is nothing on January 6 Hearings. We can go back and forth if this committee should exist. We know it’s not real because it is not a 5-4 committee because Pelosi would not approve the submissions from McCarthy. There is not another side to the argument. But, if you are a republican, you do not accept sitting and let Adam Schiff ask you questions on the record. The lying corrupt politician, Adam Schiff, that put together the hoax of an impeachment trial against Trump.

What do the four witnesses have in common, is threats, not like the threats that Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett have received as of late. But, the January 6 witnesses feared for their lives, they all told stories of what Trump did to their lives. The turmoil of the speaker of the house in AZ. Brad Raffensperger’s daughter in law has been threatened. Shay has been threatened and her mom. And, Gabe Sterling has a noose and has been threatened. 

What they are doing is preparing election campaign commercial ads with the January 6 hearing clips. They are ready for the fall of the November election.