Young republicans are stepping up and starting to pay attention when normally they would not. This is a good outlook for the republican party as it looks forward to November.

Lori talks about the local events and activities in the Stephens Co area.

As Michigan’s Governor describes women and menstruating people as she talks about what she can do in Michigan to counter the overturning of Roe v Wade, if it were to happen. During the interview,  Gretchen Whitmer is unable to call a woman a woman. As a woman, does it not offend you?  Now, remember when they started attacking men, the absolute worst person was a white man it wasn’t that long ago. We have watched the vilification and the abuse of the men in society over the years. We have seen show after show where the mom and kids are smart and the dads are idiots. You had many people whether they were consciously knowing it has devalued dads and husbands in our culture. Now the attack has come to women to where now we are just pronouns as our young children are being taught in school. 

We belong to our God, our Creator. God made man and woman. We all have different gifts and talents. As we were told in Sunday school and by our parents, we are all unique. When we hear the demeaning of women, the various phrases that the left have given women, it is sick and disturbing. Majority of the women no matter the race of that woman, we are tired of hearing the new name we are given. We don’t want to hear those terms. We won’t be grouped into a “person”. 

If we continue to have governor and representatives continue demean the people, Lori believes we will be ok in November.