Andrew Clyde and BKP talk about gun rights and the new Safer Communities Act, that will soon pass to the House floor. The Safer communities act quick timeline is as follows:

  • On Tuesday, 14 Republican Senators vote with the democrats to send a summary to the floor for a full house vote, which means no filibuster and no debate. All they need is 50 votes to pass the bill to the House.
  • On Wednesday, the legislative text comes out. The media gets the text of the bill before the senators and representatives.
  • On Thursday morning, there is a CBO score on an 80 page bill that came out less than 24 hours prior. The bill will pass in the senate and it will move through the house and on to Biden’s desk.

Andrew Clyde reports that the “paid for” aspect is a budget gimmick, they are delaying a trump era administration rebate for pharmacy administration for a year. The bill is filled with pork.

It is sad to report that the shooting in Uvalde could have been avoided. The police chief was put on administrative leave, we don’t know if it is paid or unpaid. A police officer was detained and disarmed from going in to save his wife who was shot and killed. There is a lot that could have been avoided if people would have taken action.

What is the rush? This is a bill that does nothing to solve the problem at all. This bill is only for the democrats to say they have a win, it doesn’t nothing about the safer schools. The rush is because the more people know about the bill and the events in Uvalde that could have been avoided, it may not be such a win.