BKP and Dr. Tidman talk about headaches that are starting to affect work. If trying to self treat is not working when is it time to go to the doctor? There are many causes of headaches and are not an easy diagnostic workup. If you have a new headache with onset in later life you should take very seriously, new complaints that are steady and have no relief should be further investigated instead of just a tension headache. Headaches can be catastrophic.

How much pain is normal, and when should you seek help? Do you have a way of dealing with it when it doesn’t disrupt your life? And is it treatable? Otherwise see your doctor.  When seeking advice from a doctor it is best to know your doctor and have that trusting relationship with them early, so when you do have an issue they will be able to properly treat it.

FDA, CDC says you can vaccinate children as young as 6 months. BKP and Dr. Tidman talk about this issue. Not one child under 5 has died from COVID. So there is not an emergency for this age group to get this vaccine. No vaccine or medicine is without risk. Why would you give a medicine or vaccine to a zero death age group?

Last week we spoke about the COVID vaccine at length with Dr. Tidman