Illegals is not a problem for this administration. There isn’t any mention from the leadership or mainstream media on all the illegals coming across the border. Lori shows a recent video. We don’t know why they are here or where they are going. The government is hiding the information from the very people they are to protect and serve.

The notecard that the president got before a meeting yesterday should be concerning to all Americans. This is given to the President of the United States of America who has served over 40 years of his life in public service, like he is new to the public eye. What do you do when the vice president is just as stupid as the president.

One hundred congressmen have urged DOJ to take action against Jane’s Revenge, the domestic terror group, who have attacked over 50 churches, prolife groups and centers over the past few weeks. Lori talked about Jane’s Revenge promise for a night of terror.

The house is pressured to pass the gun legislation before they recess for 2 weeks. Here is to hoping the 14 republicans that sided with the legislation hear from their constituents when they are home on recess.