Joe Biden had a cheat sheet reminding him to take his seat.

Big win for the Constitution yesterday as the United States Supreme Court overturns the New York gun law for a concealed carry law. The Constitution prevails and the American people are the winners for protecting the second amendment rights in New York.

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul wants to call a special session to draft legislation to make cities sensitive locations, to only allow permitted guns into the areas. Washington DC is more or less a sensitive zone, look how the that is working out with the increase in crime.

Fifteen Senate republicans push through the firearm restrictions will be voted on in the House today in Congress. The 80-page legislation text of the Safer Communities Act was released just this past Wednesday.

The federal government is saying they won’t infringe on our second amendment, but they will certainly pay the states. The reason for the rush is that they say Americans want something done after what happened in Uvalde. When we know this legislation would not have prevented the shooting in Uvalde.

Lori talks about both these issues this morning.

Biden to give you a gas tax holiday.