We are seeing the damage the republicans in name only are doing. With the 15 that have voted for the Safer Communities Act, gun control legislation. It would be great to see bipartisan work on so many other issues, but they take a tragedy they say hey this is good for our politics. While people are struggling to put food on the table. Nothing constructive to give us an idea of how to control the gas prices, supplies, etc for the foreseeable future only more damage around every turn. Yesterday BKP talked with Andrew Clyde on this very act.

The far left is spinning out of control due to the overturned NY gun law, a 6-3 vote in the Supreme Court. Trump kept reiterating the importance of putting key people in the position of Judge. Who the president puts in the role as judge can be the gift that keeps giving. In NY you could have a gun but you had to show you were in danger or that your job would put you in danger and then the powers that be would make the decision if you were able to have a gun outside your home. Justice Thomas say there should not be any special permissions that rule over a right given by the constitution.