We have our nation grappling around the pro-life decisions being made by the Supreme Court, and questioning if it aligns with the constitution. Our forefathers came together with a living breathing document, and we are still talking about its relevance and how to interpret in 2022. The Supreme Court did not ban abortions, they just said there isn’t a constitutional right for abortion. Therefore the states can now make the decision for the citizens for the individual states. The significance of the governor and the importance of who we elect will be our leaders for the push to continue the pro-life conservative values. By having Roe v Wade going back to the states, it goes to the peoples hands by electing state leaders.

Kemp has come to remind people who the choice is for November. Kemp did sign the heartbeat bill banning abortion after 6 weeks. While, Abrams talks about not doing business in GA if the heartbeat bill were to stay in place. Meanwhile, Corporations offering to pay for travel and abortion for women to go to another state to get the abortion.

Blaming the White Christian Conservative is the wrong party for hijacking women’s health. The democrat party doesn’t care about you. They are the ones that politicized the abortion issue. Pregnancy centers are a necessity for the health of women and they have been vandalized all weekend long. By saying you are for all women, yet you are hurting women who choose to be pregnant and seek medical help, especially in rural areas where medical care may be limited. The hypocrisy of the left is all across the board, something evil has invaded our nation.