It is up to us to inform the masses and to educate them. Many minds have been changed since 1973 with the education and advances in medical practices in pregnancy.  The Supreme Court did not ban abortion, they corrected a ruling to push the choice to the states. Do your homework then spread the truth to the masses to override the deafening cries of the left. Inform your neighbor, friends, and family of the truth you find. The creator of planned parenthood was eugenics, she wanted a perfect race and specifically targeted minority communities. The change in science has changed the minds of many due to the advances. And many women have moved to a pro-life stance due to the knowledge of the advances of science. View the previous segment.

When the federal government can hijack your body then we have no doubt passed a point where the federal government has become to obese, we have to take a stand.

Maybe now we can make adoption affordable for loving families, when families say it is cheaper to fly to other countries to adopt than to adopt children in the United States.