Think about the prayer warriors that never stopped the battle or the fight, that marched around the abortion clinic. We have to get to work, talk to your leaders and tell them how you feel. Kemp is campaigning on the heartbeat bill, if Stacey Abrams becomes governor this bill will be gone. When representatives voted for the heartbeat bill they knew it would be challenged and they didn’t know how long they would have cover.

What about the tele-docs? What about the pill you can order online? Crossing state lines. FDA cannot ban the pills crossing state lines. ASK your state rep how they plan to fight the adoption pill and online doctor visits.

Companies covering abortion costs: Microsoft, Disney, Dicks. Corporations have contacted your representatives, have you? Remember the movie industry was going to move after the heartbeat bill. Battling corporations is effective. Netflix losing 70% of value by losing 200,000 subscribers.

Biden is at G7, this is the deep state. Wonder who is holding Biden’s hand. China has made an enormous investment in Asia and Africa. US makes $200 Billion for global infrastructure push to counter China, in loan guarantees. We have authorized almost $100 Billion to Ukraine. Russia is raking in money, but the lies are saying they are stopping the money.