We pray for and protect our Supreme Court Justices. Justice Thomas is the target of the left because he is a black constitutionalist conservative. The left is out to destroy him and his family.

We have a President that refused to help at the border. The border patrol should have what they need to protect them and the citizens of America. All over the world it is broadcasted to come to America the border is open. The children are subject to human trafficking. The drugs coming across the border. 46 immigrants are confirmed dead in the back of a trailer. 103 outside trailer/130 inside. It was opened because someone heard banging on the walls of the truck. The immigrants were locked inside in San Antonio TX. The investigation has been turned over to the federal government. Men, women and children found among the dead.
Yet we hear about the democrats being the compassionate ones as they allow the death toll to rise on the border. The democrat party hates what this country stands for and they hate the constitution.

If we had more republican leaders come out and educate on the issues before voting. We should have a chorus of conservatives that are stepping up and stepping out and calling out the ugliness. They only way the democrats are to win in November is to keep up with fear mongering.

One of the things they don’t mind discussing, even though its a lie, is Russia and how they are the source of all our problems. The fact we are facing inflation, we know who to blame, that is why they are looking for someone else to run in 2024 and not Biden and Harris. Abrams is building her coalition and her network and is making a play to get on that ticket. GA means nothing to her. It is a horrible place to be in her words. It is simply to have a lot of donors and war chest has been built to used for her bid for the White House. She says she supports Biden yet she didn’t show when he came to Atlanta several months ago. They knew she would have a problem taking a backseat to the problems of Biden. So they needed someone who they could control.