The corruption, the Biden administration and Hunter. Hunter gets a hooker, If he were buying his own crack pipe, hookers, supporting his kids on his own and not on air force 2 getting off the plane in china. We know the laptop was real and it was part of the Russian hoax. “I think you’re clear” voicemail from Biden to Hunter. We know there is proof, now what happens after the midterms.

Everything is noise until after November. If Trump announces that he runs again, we will see. It might be a problem if he announces before the November election.

They will have the January 6 committee schedule a last minute hearing at 1pm today. It is quiet on the networks, why because of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Gavin Newsome sets up for millions in California to get up to $1050 in inflation relief. $17 billion inflation relief package.

If you can’t get the supreme court to codify Roe v Wade in a decision sending it back to the states, let’s get activist judges to target the trigger laws. They are running through state courts to just put a stop to it by putting injunctions in place. Argue and battle now in individual states.

The noise is what is going to happen to poor black women, studies show women who are denied abortion the women will be poorer, stay poor. Yelp says that abortion related travel costs is a retention.

The men of tomorrow are all gamers, not sugar daddies.

Becerra, Walsh, and Yellen making sure you have legal access to contraceptive coverage as required under the law. Preventing a pregnancy isn’t it provided before contraception or after? While Morning after pill limited at CVS,

Get with your local lawmakers, they have become the power players for gun rights, second amendment rights. With The great SCOTUS They will try to force these new red flag laws tied to money. Same thing with abortion. The heartbeat bill passed by 1 vote. We have to open the door with our legislators to open the discussion in all states FDA abortion pill and tele medicine across state lines.