If they were serious, no one is watching the January 6 hearings. They are trying to effect the November election with soundbites. The American people will be inundated with millions of commercials. They are posturing for the 2022 November election, they aren’t serious because they won’t show behind the scenes.

They don’t want to talk about US consumer confidence index tumbles in June. Consumer confidence is weak and stubbles and consumer pessimism stokes growth fears, if Trump was president this would lead the headlines.

If Trump was president the leaked laptop of Hunter Biden would be in the headlines. Joe Biden, the President of the United States, paid for his son’s Russian hookers. Ukraine has received 100 billion dollars as Biden’s blackmail, the evidence is in the laptop. All the money that was left in Afghanistan for the taking. China has so much dirt on Biden. Joe Biden is so compromised and shouldn’t be in the White House and should go to prison.

Fentanyl is the drug that is coming into this country. As the army drops the requirement for high school diploma to enlist in the service. It is a crisis that is hitting the entire defense department. Go talk to a recruiter and ask them about the crisis we are having with the recruiting. Do you have problems with kids not passing a drug test? They are posturing to put 300k more troops in Europe. While the Chinese and Russia are there to kill people we will be there to try not to offend people.