MAGA – Make America Great Again when you put on social media, the argument is why do you want to turn back and ignore the progress. Find a Fourth of July celebration near you to find what Making America Great Again really is. Join the festivities with your family.

Ronda Thomas with Truth in Education the school systems have changed from scholastics to behavioral. The schools are hiring behavioral counselors rather than teachers.

Local leaders make deals with the devil taking money that is linked to the federal controls. Those conservatives you voted for as they are getting presentations on how to accept the federal money. They can’t say they don’t like Biden too loudly. If it is coming from the federal government there are strings attached. We all want to put the country in check. You have to stop watching the programs that are emotional. If you want to take your country back, it is important to go to your local county, city, and school governments and know what they are doing and where the money is coming from.

Everyone in DC tells you that the new bill will not infringe on your second amendment, they sent federal money to states for the states to do it for them. Ask your sheriff how many counselors they will be hiring. Are you putting a psychological specialist in your budget next year? Because of mental health and red flag laws will need the new staff on your local force.