Paul Harvey remembers our Founding Fathers. Think of which of our current elected officials would put their life, their fortune, and sacred honor at risk to save this country. We have educated folks in Washington DC but what benefit to America have they given? What decisions have they made instrumental to keep our country true to the constitution?

Elected officials are supposed to go to make a difference then come back home and not make a career of staying in Washington DC. Now what we have created? It’s a bunch of fat cats and they want to stay fat and in order to stay there. So in order to stay relevant, they have to take away our freedoms. It is not only the democrats but the RINOs. We have many from local to national races that run in republican strongholds and run under the republican ticket but are not of the conservative party. They are the party of self, the democrat party. And we are still trying to drain the swamp. Watch how your local leaders are voting and you will see who they align with, it is happening every day. The local leaders are having a hard time saying no to the federal money that is coming in and ignoring what is right for the citizens.

Lori Lightfoot in Chicago saying “F*** Clarence Thomas”. Clarence Thomas is still being vilified. Thomas has said there may be a time when we look at these other laws that have been hidden by the constitution, that should not have been hidden and should go back to the states as well. They have been trying to destroy his life. Thomas has said that right is still right even when you stand by yourself, north is still north no matter the situation.