Our founding fathers gave everything to give us freedom and liberty. But do our kids hear about this in school, most likely not they are more concerned with pronouns or trying not to offend.

Drug bust in the area, 59 year old woman arrested and charged with felony murder and possession. The 15 month old in her care has died for drug exposure, tested positive for fentanyl.

Update from story yesterday, now in San Antonio 51 dead immigrants in the tractor trailer. It is the derelict of duty of the president and his policy failures for allowing this to happen. When you hear the republicans don’t care. We are the party that cares about you from conception until you die. The immigrants are making the deal with the devil, and risking their lives such as the tragedy in TX.

You’re seeing all these events coming at us with the economic crisis, suffering the gas and food prices. We don’t have a plan, if it doesn’t meet the criteria to give equity to the alphabet mafia.

At schools the kids are having to focus on what their pronouns are instead of the academics. What will happen to our future? Many young people are now going to college and without a firm foundation how will they survive and what will become of this nation. Parent’s need to be tuned into what is happening in the schools and stand up and be a part of the child’s curriculum. If COVID did anything right, it was the parent’s wake up to what is happening in the schools. If we look away from the education system, they will continue to brainwash our children and grandchildren. If the parents don’t stand then who will.