The GA governor’s poll shows Kemp and Abrams are tied. Warnock over Walker by 10 points.

Will Joe run in 2024?

The Mike Pence side feels invigorated. They have a new life. We talk about all of Trump’s accomplishments in the White House. If Trump does not run and Pence runs, he will run on the accomplishments of the administration. Mike Pence is prepared to tell you that Trump didn’t know how to do this and that, but he did.

June is now pro-life month, not pride month

Cipollone said if you want to talk to me you have to subpoena me. The committee will try to separate Trump from the executive branch. Cipollone will claim attorney client privilege. When Trump became president, Trump was the executive branch.
They are trying to turn the party and the people into a certain direction with January 6. The real coup is what they did to Donald J Trump, an American President.