Many of the new GA laws that were signed from the last legislation will take effect July 1.
Hb1084 – bans CRT
Hb1178 – parents bill of rights
Hb1283 – right to recess for all students k-5

BKPs opinion Warnock and Abrams aren’t doing as well as the media suggests. Polling companies just fill an order. The sampling is not a true sample of the public. We do have to be concerned and we have to know who our opponent is your screwed. We have to start talking that Kemp is our nominee and Herschel is our nominee. Herschel has an excellent campaign staff, they will have him ready for what is to come.

BKP explains what happens at these global conventions. The entourage goes into the rooms to have meetings. We will never hear about the meetings about how to handle the uprisings in the world about the increases in oil, food, property taxes, interest rate increases, inflation and the list goes on.

Do you think democrats would ever bring in someone to take an oath and lie under oath. Cassidy Hutchinson said 15 times “ something to the effect of…” Remember when Christine Blasey Ford’s statement started falling apart the day after her testimony. Maybe she repeated a story from Tony Ornato who may not be able to trust. But what we found out is that Trump wanted to lead the charge to the capitol.

RKelly getting sentenced to 30 years
Biden inadvertently helped pay Hunters escorts. Hooker stimulation checks. Biden should come back over here and give his resignation speech and should be hauled off to jail. Wonder if the DOJ is watching the Joe/Hunter Biden issues.