True patriotism is making sure that we teach what is real not what is in fashion. We take the time to discuss the importance of praying for our country. Praising the greatest experiment of the world. We the people tell the government how we want. As Reagan has said, “as the government expands, liberty contracts.” Brag about the reason we have this holiday. There are so many people out there that don’t understand the pride that we feel for the country. We should have the pride for the Great American Dreams. We have 53 body bags at the border of people that were coming across for the right reasons, the wrong way. Somehow they have tied being American to being a Trump supporter.

Instead of talking about increasing the police presence because of the increased crime, the mayor of NY comes out talking about gun control. Instead of talking about the plan to prevent it from happening again, they make it political. Also in NY they are promoting being the place to go to get your abortions. This won’t be the only city promoting abortion. All you hear is hate filled speeches instead of plans to fix the problems. Conservatives that wonder how anyone could vote democrat. As money is pouring into the state of GA for the governor and senate races.