Pay tribute to all things patriotic. Sad to report that one of our WW2 heroes has passed away. Woody Williams, last living Medal of Honor recipient from WW2. This is what a hero looks like.
53 now dead in TX from the tractor trailer found with immigrants earlier in the week. This was preventable if Biden would fully fund the border patrol and untie their hands, in addition to building the wall. The tractor trailer went through a border checkpoint. The truck was hijacked and had fake ID numbers. The risk is worth the reward for migrating to the US with the help from Americans. The mind boggling thing is when the democrats thought there were whips being used against the migrants they were on the border immediately. Yet then it is a mass death from human trafficking they have turned their head the other way. Hoping that when these immigrants come in and recognize which party actually cares for them or the party that uses them.

There is enough fentanyl in the United States to kill millions of people. The DAs and AGs are turning a blinds eye to these drug dealers getting just traffic tickets for dealing. They don’t care that fentanyl is coming in across the border, being lacing with all sorts of street drugs and being sold through these drug dealers. What the administration should be doing is sending out the plans on how to defeat and hold back the drugs coming across our borders but what they are more worried about is the movement Trump started. They think that if they can destroy Trump, who will the conservative people follow? Whether or not Trump is out in front, we know how to pave the way. We are enough, we have to remember that.