The ASPP discuss the news of the week and the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations in Blue Ridge and Ellijay.

Tucker’s overview of the FBI raids on the people that were close to his administration to elimination of Trump from running again. The money that the government is spending on this insignificant issue with the two impeachment trials and the select January 6 committee hearings. They are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill when we have other mountains to climb.

Biden shouldn’t be allowed to leave this country. We should be letting everyone in the world know that he is incapable of running the country. This is the reason why they picked Kamala Harris as his running mate because they would have already pushed the 25th amendment. They should have gone on Air Force One when he got back from Europe and detained him. Biden is compromised because he knew Hunter’s involvement with Russia, China, Ukraine. The mountain of evidence is huge.

Question: Would you rather have 100 billion dollars go to Honduras and El Salvador to invest in education and increase their way of living or send weapons over to Ukraine?

We have proof that Biden has been compromised that we knew well before the election. .and if we were able to know and discuss. Where was the FBI CIA and mainstream media. They let him be elected, correction they got him elected.

If Putin survives the winter what’s going to happen? Everyday Putin has some death threat or health threat. Here Putin has surrounded all the water areas in Ukraine. And according to mainstream media Putin is doing everything wrong, yet the truth is he is raking in the money. The only thing that keeps him from paying his bills is the sanctions. Putin says that Sweden and Finland are not a big deal. What is the difference between weapons in Poland and putting weapons in Sweden and Finland? Putin is playing chess. Come winter and energy costs people will suffer in Europe. Putin wants the island in the Baltic Sea and wants a base there on the island so no one can come into the back of Russia. The war has been slow walked by the US and NATO, Putin announced weeks before saying they were going to war with Ukraine.

China has their hooks deep in Africa, the All Star Political Panel have conflicting ideas on what to make of it. One side, says its a little to late to be in the game. the other says, it always takes the local population to take over and there will be a point where the locals will say no.

The 6 cases during this session of the Supreme Court really had an impact.

The Supreme Court decision this week defang the EPA, stating the clean air act does not give the EPA right to pass regulations. It has to have a law passed by Congress to be able to do all the regulatory things. During Obama the regulatory agencies produced regulations after regulations without Congress making a law. Trump got rid of the regulations because he said for every law he passed, 2 had to go away.

Overturning Roe v Wade, the states will have to look at their individual State Constitutions. Your State Representatives and State Senators have the keys now. The states that did not have an abortion law because they were happy with Roe v Wade now aren’t allowed to have abortions like NY and CA. all the other states that have abortions because they limited Roe v Wade allow abortions. The best thing for you state is to copy the language of Roe v Wade to eliminate abortions in your state.

The reason for the lack of outrage for the 53 immigrants that died from heat stroke is because of being desensitized to it and the fact they were illegals in the truck.