Dr. Whaley discusses the possibility of Radon and secondhand smoke causing Non-Smoker Lung Cancer among other issues that might play a factor.

Question 1:

Non-smoker Lung Cancer. Radon causing cancer? The lung cancer for never smokers has to do with ethnicity, geography, and genetics. Asian women historically the highest group that has a higher rate of non tobacco lung cancer. Radon comes out of the stone and granite beneath your house. Ventilation under the house helps eliminate the radon in your home. People complain about the smoke in the environment but don’t mention about the radon. Radon death rates are higher than second hand smoke deaths, drownings, drunk driving and more. There isn’t any regulation on radon.

Question 2:

There is a for profit organization that advertises for a low dose CT scan at a discounted price. The second hand smoke affects pregnant women most, affects the baby. Tobacco specific nitrosamines and benzene are in cigarette smoke. Any preserved pork meat has nitrosamines in it. The burnt part in the meats on your grill have nitrosamines. Children who are subjected to secondhand smoke are more likely to die of SIDS or have a high rate of inner ear infections. There are so many things that you can do to mitigate the risks of cancer is to eat and be healthy.

The Supreme Court has gone after regulatory state and now they will have accountability.

Heat stroke symptoms begin to sweat, stop sweating, loss of mental function, panting, cramping, seizures, and finally a comma. The 53 people that were in the tractor trailer were effectively cooking people. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done to stop from ever happening again.