The Baton of Freedom and Independence is passed from generation to generation. It is our job to pass the baton to ensure that our country continues to thrive. We move it forward with each generation. When the country was 125 years old those are the people that moved it forward for us, our grandparents. It is not likely that we will see 2076 and neither will our children. In 54 years, the youth of today will see the sentinel birthday of our nation. There are runners that start the race and the relay continues with each hand off of the baton. Each generation is as important in moving the baton, if we don’t do something immediately in this country there won’t be another generation of the United States that will not be around to move it forward. It is our independence. It is our job to move it forward. We can’t let anything happen to prevent it from moving forward. We have to stop the madness now.