There are never-trumpers, the republican establishment, working really hard to take down Trump. Liz Chaney should lose in Wyoming. But democrats are begging for democrats to cross over to save Liz Chaney in the primary on August 16.

A Chinese firm bought an ND farm near a drone air force base. Raises national security concerns in Washington. And Biden is going to ask China for help to reduce prices, don’t forget. This is happening all over this country. Why is Bill Gates becoming one of the largest farmland owners in the United States. What is happening to our farm land?

Look at the work Pence and Christie has put in to stop Trump. Establishment doesn’t want DeSantis to be the front runner or the nominee. The establishment is working very hard; they truly feel that they are normalizing the republican party and bringing it back into reality. The day to day tweets of Trump, and the attacks on Trump happened before he was president and every day after.
Trump’s accomplishments had the world policies in check, the economy in check, bring manufacturing home, troops home, constitutional check. Who is the guy that could put the world back in check?

The EU has set up a platform for the Ukraine war reconstruction for $750B as Finland and Sweden to join NATO has begun. Wonder where most of the $750B will come from, the American people? Where are the reports of the $100B that we have already sent over to Ukraine for their war efforts.

The next court will continue to do a constitutional check out of all the White House is doing. With the EPA and OSHA, the hard working Americans are being fined everyday by the rules and regulations that are not constitutional.