Now the democrats have ignored the border situation, some have begun to take notice since the 53 immigrants that died from the heat in the tractor trailer. The identities of these immigrants is near impossible because of the lack of identification on the bodies. We need more people standing up to demand a securing the border.

We know what fentanyl can do. There is more fentanyl in our country to kill millions of Americans within our border. The federal government has forced our border patrol agents to deal with the cartels. We are negotiating with the sorriest among us.

There isn’t a plan. There are laws established but they have to be enforced. 3-4:1 ratios between cartels vs border patrol. Is there a magic number of deaths that will get the attention of the administration?

Tuberculosis is coming across the border at record numbers everyday into our country. Where is Dr. Fauci and the health police? How can you deny the very real threat that is going on at the border?

Until the leak that came out of the SCOTUS, it was never known for them to be vulnerable to the violence that they are subject to. We have to continue to pray for their safety.

Follow the money when the conservatives candidates change their tune when they enter office. We can point to those we have voted in locally to see their voting record. Many should have run as a democrat because that is how they are voting. In order for the federal government to stay powerful. They have to take some of our rights to do so. If you are taking the grant money and going along with the federal government you are giving it away and will never get it back.