We can’t get people that are assaulting people to stay in jail and we have an arrest of a man because he killed a rooster because the rooster was attacking him.
Lori highlights the border and keeps that updated for us.

What we know about Robert Crimo, the Highland Park IL parade shooter. What we know about his social media. Where are the problems? We know it’s not the gun. It’s the people that use the weapons. legal or illegal. If they spent a little less time telling the conservatives that our posts are fake or inappropriate, and focus on the truly harmful and violent content of these young people that are causing havoc with these increased shooting incidents. When do social media posts? The music lyrics? the tattoo placement on the face? become disturbing. Or is it the social media posts about the 2020 election, COVID, January 6. Wish they were saving life like they are saying they are trying to save our democracy. Is social media the same weapon as the gun? The sickness is the social media and the kids.