Biden takes action to reshape Trump’s tariffs on china and will lift the tariffs on China. China infects the world and we continue to reward them. We need people to really pay attention. The smoke screens are placed when they are doing things when people aren’t paying attention usually come on in a violent way.

Iran and Russia China to run war drills in Latin America. While we were sending billions to Ukraine and weapons.

Everyone laughed at AOC when she talked about the Green New Deal and talked about cow flatulence. China bought an enormous farm 20 miles from a military base. Gates largest farmland owner. Do you think we have a plan to cut back on cattle, pigs with the green new deal? As Brussel said they are laser focused on the Liberal World Order. They sent the test to the Netherlands. Farmers protest the new environmental regulations to require them to use less fertilizer and reduce cattle. They are protesting by blocking roads and . curve nitrogen output by 2030. They know the green reforms take place. Is it starting to hit your food supplies? Watch what happens with the Dutch farmers.