What a set of buffoons, you need not worry about Joe Biden and what he is doing. Or when the vice president shows up to an interview and the advance team missed the spelling of a state. Yesterday all she could do was just babble. Is the media in a plan to move these two out of the way? The president and the VP are just pawns. There is a whole team at the white house. Remember Obama set up a makeshift white house when Hillary was supposed to win in 2016. And to be able to handle what Brussels wants done.

New subpoena of Trump allies in the grand jury in Atlanta. While public hearing resumed July 12 for the January 6 committee hearings.

Joe Rogan would never let Trump on his podcast.

All these things are thrown out there for the take over of the full steam ahead of the green energy deal that is happening in brussels. The real decisions are made in Brussels and sent back to enforce.

There will be a little relief at the gas pump. There will be an illusion closer to the election that the prices are decreasing. Biden sends 5 million barrels of reserves to be shipped abroad. And we can’t replace it right now. We have to hope that oil gets down to 40-50 dollars a barrel to replace it.

We know that Joe Biden paid debts for hunter to Russian hookers. What the president says stands, Jean Pierre believes the president and doesn’t answer questions about the voicemail despite acknowledging that he knew of the dealings when publicly denying it.

NATO signs protocol for Finland and Sweden in Brussels. Why have we allowed so much power in that room? Why is Russia ok with Sweden and Finland coming into the room? Total silence from the Biden. The Biden administration is staying laser focused on the liberal left agenda.

Administration is staying laser focused on the future Liberal World Order. There are windmills, solar farms, EV, creating a major battle between administration and the fossil fuel industry. They are going to go forward after the food supply and our farmers. They showed that Joe was unifying us with our allies around the world. The leaders at Brussels do photo ops and the entourage goes into other rooms and they talk about what happens in the world as they implement the Liberal World Order. They test things to see how it will go in different parts of the world to determine the uprising.