Dave Chappell bought 52 acres in OH to avoid a subdivision from being built in this community.

Macy Gray made a comment on the Piers Morgan show and made a statement that just changing your parts doesn’t make you a woman. Yesterday she spent the day cheered by normal people but after the backlash she had to apologize.

Rogan says he will never host Donald Trump.

They left Uvalde because they got what they wanted. Red flag laws just don’t work. They don’t want to discuss the piece of legislation that Joe Biden signed. They pass laws just to shut you up. Because Uvalde could have been prevented. And now highland park that could have been prevented by the laws and the information they had. Law enforcement, red flag laws and people are dead. And the real problems are not being addressed. The mayor of Uvalde is calling it a coverup and a massive failure. When was the last time you saw the city police not give up the investigation to the state police or FBI.

DeSantis has raised 100 million. Saying he is running for 2 offices at the same time. Yesterday the segment on the Trump DeSantis ticket.

You will start seeing gas prices go down. They will try to get into November to keep democrat control.

A father’s Shield. A little girl was found under her father’s body at the Highland Park parade. She has lost both parents at the shooting. She is 2 years old.