Heightened awareness of violence for the summer. When it is local you are reminded that we are just as vulnerable. GBI was called to Stephens co. Regency Hotel yesterday, a male was shot to death and firing exchange resulted in a killing of the shooter. No officer was shot or killed. No details yet of the shooting, rumors are that it is drug related.

Border cities are calling for a country of invasion, more in next segment.

The Highland Park parade shooter will be charged with 7 counts of murder and with a litany of other charges including attempted murder, aggravated murder for each of his victims. Numerous reports of past mental health issues in 2019. Also in 2019 his father signed to allow him to legally obtain a gun. Crimo started uploading music to the internet at age 11. In 2021 he released a disturbing music video. He dressed as a woman trying to blend in at the parade because he knew he would be recognized. Climbing a fire escape to reach the top of a building to release fire down on the parade goers.

It’s amazing how quickly some of the conservative viewpoints are suppressed, while Crimo was posting on Facebook and were not removed until he was named the shooter. We need someone from Facebook to tell us how they determine what is offensive.

It’s not enough to say it is a mental health issue. Or a gun issue. We need leadership to better analyze the gaps and determine what is not working.