Most Americans didn’t understand when Trump said we are leaving NATO. American’s will be ok if we leave NATO and EU and take care of things at home. Requirements for the republican nominee is to bring things back home away from Brussels.

Direction of the Country only 10% say it is going right. 87% say the wrong direction.

Saving Liz. A time for choosing. Wyoming only gets 1 representative. The people in Wyoming are one of the largest Trump supporters. Primary is August 16. They have semi-closed elections. You have to register in a party but they allow you to switch on the day of primary. There are dozens of websites to answer questions about switching parties to vote for Liz Chaney. If the independents and the democrats go to Liz Chaney, she would only need 7 percent of republicans to take the seat.

Jan 6 committee meeting July 12. To prepare all the election videos for the fall.
The Grand Jury in Atlanta to subpoena Giuliani, Graham, and more trump allies. They were subpoenaed after the grand jury heard from Raffensperger and other SOS employees along with the recorded testimony from Kemp.