The American flag is considered the GOP White Nationalist Flag and people are offended. It was the confederate flag which represented the south and the rebuilding of the south. Now it is the American Flag. Our flag represents much more than the MAGA crowd or Trump supporters.

BKP gives Lori an assignment on recruiting in the military. How is the fentanyl affecting the recruitment or is it? What is causing the low recruitment? What are the problems with the enlistment? Is it local?

The democrats have nothing. They are rats fleeing the sinking ship. It is in disarray. Kamala Harris gave a speech in Louisiana. The advanced team didn’t notice the misspelling of the state as Kamala gave the speech.

Democrats have nothing. They have hopes, they are running through Georgia, January 6.

Where is this on the front page? Democrats are running from this. Although you may think that this isn’t a big story on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, this is talked about more in the newsrooms on how to keep it quiet. The Biden Corruption Ring. Everything they discuss with Donald Trump is everything that is actually happening in the White House now. AS much as they want you to believe what happened with Mick Mulvaney is what is happening now.

There is a video from the backup of his cell phone found on his abandoned laptop. They have since admitted that the laptop was real. Hunter was on the board of Brisma, as an energy exec. Americans are sending 60-70 Billion with Zelenski calling Biden 3 times a week. 50-60 people signed a letter saying the laptop was an atypical Russian election propaganda. The day these people signed the document they knew Joe Biden was a national security risk if he was elected as president. Not Trump who said on Jan 6 that they were going to march to the capitol.

The video shows the president’s son bathing in a trippy green light indulging in drugs and alcohol as he floats in the water, when he was at the rehab center. There is so much on the laptop. We know Joe paid for the hookers, the rehab, the drugs, and Joe knew it was all going on. Joe sends Hunter hush money to try to keep him contained. Someone is telling Joe that Hunter is a problem. Joe is getting phone calls from someone, maybe from the Chinese, as Hunter refers to a Chinese exec as the spy chief of China. If Biden will do this to hush his kid, what would he do to Zelenski and around the world, spending the American people tax money. There is a reason why they tried to impeach Trump over Zelenski. Zelenski talks to Biden 3 times a week. And trump had a phone call with President Zelenski and now trump knows. And Trump tells Zelenski that before he releases another penny to Ukraine, Trump tells Zelenski to release the dirt on the laundromat of money and the Biden corruption. Not a dime went out of this country because it was the American people’s money.