The number of open court cases in the county of Fulton, 80,000+. They have nothing to do in Fulton County but take down Donald Trump.

States eye baby bonds to address wealth gaps. Where have we heard from the federal government to start a fund for every baby in America to give back to the kid when they turn 18 years old to give them a start. It is happening in some states already. In 2007 Hillary Clinton floated the idea of giving each American newborn a 5000 bond at birth. Cory Booker featured a federal baby bond program during his 2019 presidential campaign.

Gavin Newsom displays a bill he just signed that shields abortion providers and volunteers in CA from civil judgements from out of state courts during a news conference. What they don’t say is that if it is infanticide, it will be protected.

Arredondo, the police chief of Uvalde, reported to tell the police to stay put when confronting the gunman. There were men and women all over the school in all the pictures. And they are telling us that Arredondo said stand down. When has it ever been that the city police took charge of federal and state officers? Steve McCraw slammed the police response to the May 24 massacre as an abject failure and said that school district police decided to place the lives of officers before the lives of children.. It is being reported that an Uvalde officer asked permission to shoot a gunman outside school but got no answer. We don’t even know the facts of this case but Americans have a new piece of gun legislation and the mayor of Uvalde says it was a coverup.