Democrats offer a plan to cut drug costs, seeking climate and tax deals. They are still trying to work out a climate deal. Look at what’s happening in the Netherlands, the Dutch farmers. Look at what is going on with the green new deal there. They have renamed and repackaged the build back better. They are trying to tell you it is deficit neutral . The democrats released the plan this week in an attempt to smooth the path for a scaled down tax and climate spending package they hope to push through the senate as early as this month over republican opposition. The green new deal is up and running.

Taxpayers on the hook for Biden’s bailout of union pensions.

GOP plots vengeance on Jan 6 committee. These are highlights for all the democrats campaign material. Do you want the democrats that save the democracy or the GOP that revenge that tears the democracy down.

Cippolone is going behind closed doors. It is suspected that he will claim attorney client privilege.

Lindsey Graham says he will challenge the GA Grand Jury subpoena and insists he will prevail.

There is a plan. There was an interview yesterday by Fani Willis, she talked exclusively to MSNBC. The ordinary people can’t get their day in court in GA. There are 10 of thousand cases facing the court in Fulton yet this is what the DA Willis has time for to indict Trump. Will Donald Trump be subpoenaed, anything is possible. In GA they have to finish off Trump, get Stacey Abrams elected. There is a total lockdown on talking here in GA.

DA Willis has to gain national notoriety. Stacey Abrams is governor and Willis gets anything she wants. Warnock could win. That would be Ossoff for 4 years and Warnock for 6 years. Ending Trump. And provide a lot of commercials. Lindsey Graham says he is going to fight the subpoena, others say that also. Raffensperger happily complied and was the same with his staff. Kemp happily complied. Certain republicans are talking. They are happy to go to the Grand Jury and we aren’t aware of their testimony yet but they are talking. Watch and see what happens…. Remember when the senate had Giuliani, Eastmen, Ellis come down and there was the 2 days of testimony and investigation into the GA state senate hearings. The democrats are prepared in GA, Jen Jordan is prepared with her comments concerning those hearing. Two guys of interest when they subpoena Brandon Beech and Burt Jones. They may be able to get a hand pick candidate, Charlie Bailey, running for LT gov, if Burt Jones is subpoena what effect will that have on the 2022 election. The LT gov determines what happens on the senate floor. If they get Jen Jordan elected as AG then they can do what they want.

Republicans in GA in leadership, have to be talking about a special session in GA if Stacey Abrams is elected. They have to have it all laid out and have well laid plans in December. They have to strip the powers of the Governor, LT gov, and the AG to save GA.

Coming back to the skies in the fall of 2022.