The VA school district prohibits teachers from contacting parents when students change their gender. Fairfax county public schools is instructing teachers and administrators to forgo parents’ permission when a student requests to use a bathroom and locker room associated with his or her so-called gender identity. The teachers could not proceed with the “Supporting Gender-Expansive and Transgender Youth” training until they checked the correct boxes, regardless of their personal beliefs.

Nevada democrat senator quietly honors drag queen for working with children.

Parents are having a tough time. They want to put their child on the school bus and they want to send them off to read and write. And teachers have it tough. The teachers want an answer to the question and they have to jump through hoops so the kids are not offended.

Biden spoke with Griner’s wife and will send a letter to Brittany. Biden tells Griner’s wife he is working to get her home. Griner traveled to Russia with a vape that had cannabis oil which was against the law. Russia has laws against smuggling drugs across their border.

GA Guidestones are blown up in a mystery attack. One of the four pillars was badly damaged and they had to demolish the entire structure.

Woke Los Angeles DA George Gascon faces reality as the group delivers a petition with over half a million signatures calling for him to be booted thanks to his soft on crime policies.

Call of Duty video from Highland Park gunman reports

The democrats are in such bad shape, even in blue states like RI all they are left to do is show some booty.