Bradford Freeman, the last surviving member of Easy Company passed away yesterday. Easy Company inspired the HBO Band of Brothers. The first weekend in November Camp Toccoa invites everyone that has ties to Band of Brothers and authors that have chronicled the stories of Easy Company. It is a celebration of what they accomplished and how they influenced the outcome of WWII. Camp Toccoa has a re-enactment of the training they did before heading to battle.

Lift up in prayer Joe Fusco. He was critically injured due to an accident yesterday.

The Elberton GA Guidestones, the granite capital of GA. There has been controversy surrounding the structure. The explosion damaged one of the pillars and the authorities decided to take down the remainder of the structure to eliminate the danger to people wanting to see the aftermath. The Guidestones became a focus under the recent gubernatorial primary by Kandiss Taylor who pledged to take the stones down. There have been pledges to replace and/or rebuild the structure to the Elberton commissioners. The K9 unit that investigated the debris and detected an explosive device and a security camera did detect a vehicle leaving the area in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

There has been a group that has released a hit list of things to be destroyed and the Elberton Granite formation was on the list of 5-10 structures.