Kamala Harris is in need of some better speech writers. In a 10 sec clip of her recent speech she said seriously 3 times. There are some jobs that you are not able to drink or smoke on. You are at ground zero at a tragic incident and all she can do is muddle through a few words. Couldn’t they find someone that could show a little more compassion? Then there is Biden that needs help walking to and from the podium and now Jill is close by to jump in to help Joe if he goes off path. It is so hard for us to grasp as Americans, that even if you hated Trump you couldn’t hate your country enough to put Biden and Harris as our leaders.

Boris Johnson is resigning as prime minister of UK and leader of the conservative party, after months of turmoil with sexual harrassment allegations and more.

There is a leaked phone call between the president and his son, while the mainstream media claims that they haven’t verified that it is the president. There have been decisions in the night to keep information suppressed to keep those looking into the corruption and playing opposition to the evidence that is coming out to the Biden corruption. When Peter Doocy was told directly by President Biden that he did not have any business dealing or had any knowledge of the dealing of his son Hunter. But, the voicemail recording reflects just the opposite.

The American people are supposed to accept that there was nothing to see. Even his most public supporters are starting to sidestep their claims. We know because Hunter is the son of a former Senator, former Vice President and now President of the United States, it is hard to accept that Joe Biden didn’t have information about the deals and money Hunter was doing. The questions surrounding this corruption ring are only getting louder. It will be more clear and disturbing, deals have been made and money has been exchanged directly linking the President’s son to the bad characters of the world.

The issues that Americans are concerned with, 80% – economy and inflation, 3% – abortion, 1% – climate change; And the Biden administration can only lay the blame on the gas station owners and oil companies, in which they have rebutted that it is the fault of the Biden policies.