Breaking News: Former Prime Minister of Japan Abe has been assassinated by a handmade gun. He did not succumb to his injuries at the time of the shooting. They tried to administer aid and he died at the hospital. He was a friend of Donald Trump. The shooter was former military. The reason he committed the crime was that he was not satisfied with the former PM. Guns are hard to obtain in Japan.

The tax appraisals are being mailed out and causing a lot of questions.

GBI was called into Toccoa at the Regency Inn with officers involved in shootings. GBI is conducting an investigation.

Massive recruitment effort nationwide for officers. It is a very dangerous position and many of the public are not as supportive as most. New York has decreased the requirements for their enrollment.

Lori had to figure out what was all the hoopla about the Guidestones. Kandiss Taylor made a list of 10 things that she was going to do as soon as she was governor and number 10 was to take down the Guidestones. Taylor’s response about the Guidestones was that it was a God thing. There are so many conspiracies about the structure and about the man who built it. It was erected during the cold war and the man wanted to leave some instructions for future generations in fear of the upcoming apocalypse as a result of the war. The craftsmanship of the stones was outstanding and a wonder. The messages on the stones highlighted topics such as how the nation should be run, humanity and social duties. The structure was revealed in 1980. There is a time capsule that was buried under the structure.