We need a leader of the free world. We have established long ago that Joe Biden is not it. We know the left and the greenhouse gas nuts would run amok. We have a full steam ahead green new deal. The world is protesting against globalism. Even democrats are looking for a leader. You have lefties in the media that are concerned and aren’t talking about it. They know what is going on and are not willing to talk about it.

Biden is going to beg Saudi Arabia to produce more oil this week. Democrats think they can get things done with “common sense gun legislation”. The people know that this legislation did not do anything to stop the shootings in Highland park and Uvalde. Biden signed a glorified Executive Order for Roe v Wade. They don’t want Trump in the white house again because they know he will put a stop to the non-sense.

But the American people are focused on leadership. There is a stark difference between Biden’s leadership and Trump’s leadership. Why are they doing everything to stop Trump? There has to be something good about Trump for them to put all the time, effort and resources to stop Trump. Larry Hogan R-MD, Governor, in an interview saying that Trump’s leadership is diminishing. Hogan hates Donald Trump. He came to GA to campaign for Brian Kemp. Hogan even has some staffers on Kemp’s campaign.

Democrats are moving away from Biden and aren’t moving to Harris. They know Pelosi and Schumer are evil. Are they ready to settle to give it to someone like Mike Pence? Because they know a democrat can’t win in 2024. If Pence or Kemp gets in they know they will hand it over when the time comes. It all comes down to the Deep State staying in control and the hatred of Trump and stopping the everyday American people. But if Trump runs they are scared he will turn DC upside down and inside out.

Send BKP who you think Trump would let be in his cabinet. It will be curious to see the cabinet with the Trump presidency.