In GA the lack of voter confidence is high, with Kemp being on the ticket for republicans, BKP does question where GA stands with Trump. There is one thing for sure in GA they will not let you get your hands on the ballots. You don’t have standing. You didn’t write the lawsuit properly. The Secretary of State will stop it, the Governor will stop it. In the May 2022 primary, Chris Mora, the chairman of the Pickens county GOP, wanted to do a full audit of the Secretary of State and the Governor race. Rick Jaspers, the state representative, was all on board for the audit. Rick Jaspers was told by the Secretary of State and the Governor to squash the effort, but Jaspers states that it was too important.

GBI, True the Vote, VoterGA, Judge Brian Amero all found inconsistencies in the election, yet all efforts have been squashed. We will never see the ballots in GA with Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger. We are upset because of the lack of confidence in our election process. Until we can take the ballot and read the QR code on the ballots in GA the confidence will never be there.

Between the Jan 6 committee, the RINOs, the democrats, they absolutely hate Trump.